Death From Above
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Platoon Presentation

///////////////////////// ELITE PILOTS ////////////////////////

In this platoon are members who are taking flying seriously.

A DFA Pilot should have experience in flying Helicopters or Jets. He should also have least 8.000 Aircraft-Kills or 50 Service Stars for Helicopters or Jets (not combined)

Proven Skill (or huge amounts of money) will also do.

We are a "dynamic group". Devotion will always grant you a spot in this platoon!

DFA PILOTS should help each other.
If someone needs backup ask DFA.

Rules of Honor:

1. No teamkilling for vehicles
2. No cheating/glitching/bug using
3. No kamikaze with air vehicles
4. Fair play
5. No insults - no racist statement
6. DFA calls we help out

/// Becoming Leader ////

Only DFA devoted and amitious Members can become Leaders.

You do your job? That's cool! You help to boost the Platoon? Even better!

Leaders also should use the DFA Tag. Hey, you are a Ambassador, so show your colors!

pw: ask 1 of leader ;)

///////// FACEBOOK /////////

DFA Teamplay

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