BF3 God-Generals
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Air God-General
--- Wonder Duo - Sky Demon Buggsy & Snackpack the Prince of Killsteals
Worldbreaker Hulk

Thunder God-General - Kill Crazy dvela

Water God-General - Alex the Devastating
--2nd in command - Jenkins the Not-Quite-So-Devastating

Fire God-General
Riskbreaker Lubu
Truthstalker Mexicanundrum

Earth God-General - Deathbringer checkerbaby_
Table Flipper kjcenco
Jetbane rasomaso
The Indomitable owl_boy
XpertBlackwolf the OldGuard

God-General of Fortitude - IFV Messiah Puppet

God-General of Valor
xNebulous the Mad Bomber
Noob Punisher Counterfactual
DeterminedKnight the Thrice Banned
Eric "The Eliminator" Harris
I_Snipez_1I the Organic Aimbot
NaxHiri the Unorthodox Assassin
Scrappy mersonn
DemonAnarchy the Avatar of Chaos
The Wizard pubic-hair1992

God-General of Defiance

God-General of Vigilance

I’m not quite sure where I’m going with this, but I assure you it is both MALEVOLENT and SINISTER.

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