The S&T Barber Shop
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Platoon Presentation

This platoon is for friends of Smug and Tony who are not daunted by the challenge of picking people off of head-glitches and giving good haircuts. If you are looking for employment, you can ask Tony or Smug for job.

If you are interested on getting a haircut for free, step into the barbershop (any lobby in which Smug and tony are in). and ask for your first free haircut.

Haircuts after the free first free haircut are given out at the price of 1 death per haircut. If you enjoy our services, or have recently received a good haircut, visit our youtube pages:

Smug's youtube channel:

Jay's youtube channel:

Tony's youtube channel:

A haircut is a kill off a headglitch at any range when the only thing you can see is the soldiers HAIR. types of haircuts will be listed below:

-Downtown haircut:
Haircut given at a range above 100m

-Reverse mowhawk:
Haircut given by a crossbow

-The Saint:
A haircut that is completed on an assault rifle put to semi auto mode (also known as the single shot champ.

The Smug:
A haircut given with the AN-94 with only two bursts.

The Jay:
A haircut completed with any assault rifle using hip-fire at range.

The Blindfold:
A haircut given with the AN-94 or famas using only the iron sites.

The Scare-cut.
A haircut given at a range below 5 meters. (these are best completed after coming around a corner or obscurity).

Chest Waxing:
Killing someone who is drop-shotting below an object.

The Twin-Blade Shave:
Haircut collateral

Slash knife to the face, haircut.

The Chrome to Dome:
Haircut through a penetrable object.

The UFO:
Haircut given while parachuting

The Fair-Cut
Hair cut trade (you get given a haircut at the same time as giving a hair cut to the same person.


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