US Army Delta Force
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Platoon Presentation

Hi! I'm Major Daniel "Ghost" Kennedey. I am a leader of the USMC and founder of the US Army Delta Force. I can drive and fly all vehicles. I can listen to you very good. If you have questions or complaints, contact me on PSN. But if you have complaints, keep it secret for everyone. Just tell me and yourself. If you want support, you can count on the Delta Force and the USMC. Dismissed!!

Our presentation:

Welcome to the Delta Force. The best Special Forces of the United States of America. Where we ended by finding Makarov, we go on with taking down other terrorists. We play serious and are no babies who are crying when we die. We are not teamkilling, yelling at players, spawnkilling and vehicle stealing. We are a professional team. If you want to join , you have to survive a Bootcamp and you have to be trustable. That means that you cannot betray us. That was happened by the USMC. That's the selection procedure.
Every fight is our fight! Don't screw it up!

Dismissed and Hooah!

Major Daniel "Ghost" Kennedey

When you join, you will get a callsign. You can choose it yourself in the list under this text. When you have chose it, remember that callsign. Write it down or something but remember it. Only the platoon members will call you with your callsign. The guys who already have chosen a callsign, are behind the chosen callsign like:
Callsign (PSN name-Battlelog name) (X).

Callsigns available and unavailable:
( (X) is unavailable)
- Ghost (Kennedey-DanielKennedey) (X)
- Ozone (Cpt-Mattie-MHulscher) (X)
- Royce
- Frost (Reserved)
- Archer (TheDutchDagger-ThedutchDagger) (X)
- Toad
- Avatar
- Scarecrow
- Reaper
- Meat
- Worm
- Ogre
- Sandman (captainmanairia-captainmiller) (X)
- Truck
- Grinch
- Angel
- Hawkeye
- Oxide
- Roach
- Raptor
- Rook
- Robot
- Slayback

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