High Risk Kingz
Tag: [HRK] Fans: 7 Created: 2013-04-13

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Welcome to the High^Risk platoon. Competitive/leisurely platoon looking to have fun and play the game.

Newly created platoon, looking for players to join up and kick ass. The main mission for the High Risk Kingz platoon is to gather players, join random servers and embarrass the hell out of the other players. I mean come on, a newly created platoon, that no one knows about, just comes in and kicks all kinds of ass. That's got to be pretty embarrassing. Consider this a creeper platoon, making all of those other platoons think, "Where in the hell did they come from?". Come on over and apply to join, you won't regret your decision.

Only requirement is you speak English, and be a colonel or progressing towards one. We're just a bunch of guys who have a laugh playing side by side and have each others back. For new members it's best you add one of the leaders to your PSN.

***********Any Time, Any Place.************

If your looking for trouble you've come to the right place

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