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Platoon Presentation

Is there someone else @ OG intereseted and willing to help creating the biggest friendslist ever....
The platoon is created deu to the limit of a 100 friends.
This also to make a point to EADice about the dumbass idea for the limit of a 100 friends...
But most of all for people to stay in touch with eachother.
EA/Dice-BattleLog/Battlefield team: trade 80% of my origin cloud storage that comes with the game and us "users/gamers" a friendslist limit of at least 200!!!
Besides the origin cloud storage is pointless cuz i cant fill it up any way. (If anyone knows better please contact me)
EA/Dice Battlelog/battlefield team please gimme a limit of at least 250 friends!!!

If Any OG feels like picking up on this project please notify me!

The idea is a setup for players and (former) members/friends of OG.
To keep in touch after getting removed from the friends lists of members due to the limit of a 100 friends on battlelog.
The Old Guys Gaming Community members will maintain the platoon and will be providing support whenever they can.

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