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Platoon Presentation

Information in English
Assortment and prices:

Now ONLINE payment to buy acc clacking on it, do not write on Skype, the data come to Email

BEWARE of fake on Skype!
Check the correct username, I only letters without spaces

(ACTION) BATTLEFIELD 3 PREMIUM (beta BF4) 300 rubles
(ACTION) Dead Space 3 150 rubles
(ACTION) FIFA SOCCER 13 150rubley

PRE-SELL Company of Heroys 2 + SIMCITY 2013 350 rubles
Battlefield 4 Digita Deluxe + Battlefield 3 PREMIUM + Crysis 3 600r

Accounts for any taste, almost any set of games following examples

Battlefield 3 Standart / Limited Edition_____________40 rubles
Battlefield 3 Stand / Limited Edit + Back to Karkand___60 rubles
Medal of HONOR WARFIGHTER___________________100 rubles
Medal of HONOR WARFIGHTER (with lockable) _______150 rubles
NEED FOR SPEED most wanted 2012______________100 rubles
FIFA soccer 13_____________100 rubles
FIFA manager 13___________100 rubles
Crysis 2_______________100 rubles
Assassin's creed 3_________300 rubles
FAR CRY 3___________________300 rubles
UPLAY RANDOM is AC3 and FC3__________________200 ruble
ORIGIN RANDOM (there BF3 prem) _________________100 ruble
ORIGIN RANDOM (10 pieces) ______________________250 rubles
ORIGIN RANDOM (30 pieces) ______________________650 rubles
Battlefield 3 PREMIUM (console) __________________100 rubles

CRYSIS 3 (with the notable sekretnymotvetom): 350 rubles

DEAD SPACE 3 (with a known secret answer): 200 rubles

SIM CITY 2013 180 rubles

Battlefield 3 PREMIUM (with lockable binning October) 400r

In the randomized comes not validly, writing on Skype for a replacement before to post negative feedback!

leave (well-formed) Review receive a gift
Like put another gift
the purchase of gift 500r (+ for every following items 150r)
for gifts to write in skype: voligor31

Replacement accounts made within 10 minutes of purchase!
that is, if you encounter an invalid account write directly on Skype replacement, I see the time of your letter, and when I replace online account, otherwise the account will not be replaced!

BRUT accounts, the guarantee at the time of sale. If you increase your account, then you can blame only themselves to this, after the sale of the whole responsibility on your account is on your shoulders. If you do not agree to these terms, then take acca elsewhere.

By those. issues as well as invalidity account to write in skype: voligor31

The new instruction is now even easier and more intuitive!
and to reset your soap V2.2 (click on me)
password is issued when buying account
instruction reads, Adobe Reader

mat on Skype or stupid questions = Ignore 24 hours

The guarantor is welcome at your expense konechno.V are also available accounts World of Tanks, clacking.

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