Ghost Recon
Tag: [GR] Fans: 20 Created: 2013-04-26

Platoon Presentation

This is our moto witch makes us all equal:
Ad nocendum potentes sumus
We all have power to do harm

For the time being we are not making any special demands on your KD and SPM, but you MUST have abilty to work with your team. there will be no exceptions when it comes to team work. If you wish to be a part of this clan you WILL be expected to show up for matches.
We accept members from all parts of the world ( except KSA, due to connection and language barrier )

Match Results:

GR vs. UKO Squad rush (Metro/Bazaar) 4-0 WIN
GR vs. SOG Conquest 8v8 (Bazaar/Teheran Highway) 4-0 WIN

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