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Platoon Presentation

This Is The Platoon That Created by 12yosa since my friends list is full, so If u like it please be a member or fans. Thanks :)

To Become Member make sure u know how to use KNIFE like a ninja.

1.You dont have to use K12 tag if u dont want coz its just a friendly clan XD

2.Feel Free if u wanna post anything in this Platoon.

Well Guys this my knife trick's list
( just wanna to share maybe u guys have some unique/funny trick 2 ) hehehehe

1.Pepper Knife
2.Eagle Knife & Strike
3.Knife & Grill Smoke
4.Knife & Beacon
5.Twin Decoy
6.lollipop Knife
7.Knife Insurance
8.Shit Ping Knife
9.Dumb Knife (100% knife fail lol)
10.Rage Quit
11 NEW! Happy Ending knife trick :)


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