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Platoon Presentation

Welcome to EDGE Gaming a casual competitive team. By joining EDGE you have agreed to wear the tags and to participate in matches (clan battles, practice and tournaments) if you are looking for a team that doesn’t mess around at all this is clearly not the team for you. We support and hope you will express yourself (unless you’re a a$$) we hope you enjoy being a part of EDGE and you grow as a person within the EDGE.


Infantry players:
• 1.2KD
• 500SPM
• Mic/Headset
• Add infantry leader TheFreshPrinceIV (on ps3)

Tank players:
 1.8KD
 500SPM
 Mic Headset

Air Units
* 1.5KD(always helpful)
* 500SPM(not as important)
* Mic/Headset(communication)
* Add UberCalvin97
* At least 1k kills in any air vehicle(at least a service star)

If you have any problems with any members contact a leader or founder immediately so we can take care of it

 There is no more practices

Upcoming matches
I. None

Active Allies

8bit= http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2832655241717984385/

BlaCkhAwk's MilOrgnz™=

Youtubers in EDGE
Sargewright96 (silent_assassln)


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