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I'm kimcheez, but they call me cheez, kim, kimmy, and more! I'm a competitive Heli pilot in Battlefield and a very social person in real life :O. I love to play Football(American!!) at school and enjoy hanging with friends. i also love kimchi...but hate cheese!! And yus im korean :) 안녕
I just began using Photoshop last year and became very interested in graphic designing over the past months. I can make Gravatars, emblems, banners, .GiF (still new), and many more graphics. i can also make youtube intros, backgrounds, as well as edit videos and make montages etc. Please Fan and join me as i make more stuff for people for free. Also spread da word!!

Please join this platoon and comment and/or write a post if u wish to have a custom GraphiX.
It may take a while for me to make a Graphic for you D: Im a very busy person so sowwy in advance :3
if u havent recieved a grav yet...remind me ;) might have forgot lol :P
Please do not add me on BL or PSN if you want a grav "(

If you wish to see all the Graphics i have made, just click on the official website.
Thank you for stopping by :D - Kimcheez

All Graphics comes with a little 36 pixel "CHEEZ GRAPIX" to the bottom right, please do not cover that, its for promotional purpose since im not getting paid :'( lol if u wish to cover it please tell me, tho please put "CHEEZ GRAPIX" in your presentation :)

Queue :) jk ill have it done as soon as possible
1. nub
2. nub
3. nub
4. nub
5. nub
1000. Dark_Shooter <3

Gravs that are Finished/ Gravs made
If u find ur grav Click on the image and then copy the URL***
My Youtube video :

Betterbattlelog is needed to see presentation*** o.O? : [] Ur Welcome~~!!!

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