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Platoon Presentation

This is a platoon where good friendship and teamwork are keywords. No single person or player are bigger then the team. We're based in Sweden but the platoon itself is international. We will play Squad Rush and Conquest. We'll keep going strong and eventually transition over to Battlefield 4 once it's released.

The recruitment will be up and running 'til we make about 15-20 good, active and nice beasts.
Feel free to contact us, apply to join and/or add me. The worst thing that might happen is that you'll get a "sorry dude, you're not what we're looking for".

IF you're accepted - wear the inF-tag with pride.

Our website is exclusively for members, please register if you are new as important information will be posted there.

"The strenght of the pack is the wolf, and the strenght of the wolf is the pack" - infidels! (Bandits_Rex)

Any questions or if you feel you got what it takes to join please add "Kimpatim", "Lillsvensken88" or "JV_theking93" or "Guzzhaffer6"

Platoon was created 2013-05-24 by our leader Kimpatim.

Match results

inF vs. eXe -- Squad Rush, Grand Bazaar x2, Operation Firestorm x2 -- 2-2 Draw (2013-06-01)

inF vs. HiT -- Conquest 8v8, Damavand Peak x2, Teheran Highway x2, Seine Crossing x2 -- 1-5 Loss (2013-06-09)

inF vs. HAIN -- Conquest Vanilla 8v8, Grand Bazaar x2, Teheran Highway x2 -- 4-0 WIN (2013-06-12)

inF vs. iP -- Conquest Vanilla 5v5, Grand Bazaar x2, Operation Metro x2 -- 0-4 LOSS (2013-06-23)

inF vs. LoS -- Conquest Vanilla 8v8, Operation Metro x2, Grand Bazaar x2 -- 0-4 LOSS (2013-08-09)

inF vs. AM -- Conquest Vanilla 9v9, Operation Metro x2, Grand Bazaar x2 -- 2 - 2 Draw (2013-08-17)

inF vs. SoD -- Conquest Vanilla 8v8, Grand Bazaar x2, Kharg Island x2 -- 3 - 1 WIN (2013-08-25)

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