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[UKSF] is a growing community for Battlefield PC gamers, where you can come and chill and have some fun in relaxed environment.
We are mostly veterans of Battlefield, originally founded back in 2005.
[UKSF] still enjoy Scrims against other Clans.
We provide our members with a Website, Teamspeak, BF4 Server & lots of Crac & banter.
We are actively recruiting members, Staff, Admins & players for our match team, you must be 18 years +.

Pop over & say hi, or fill in an application for [UKSF] CLan

[UKSF] Clan | United Kingdom Special Forces http://www.uksf-clan.com
GameServers: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/servers/pc/?filtered=1&expand=0&settings=&useLocation=1&useAdvanced=-1&q=UKSF&serverTypes=1&serverTypes=2&mapRotation=-1&modeRotation=-1&password=-1&regions=16&vbdm-min=1&vbdm-max=300&vprt-min=1&vprt-max=300&vshe-min=1&vshe-max=300&vtkk-min=1&vtkk-max=99&vnit-min=30&vnit-max=900&vtkc-min=1&vtkc-max=99
Teamspeak: eurots1.gameservers.com:9159
Twitter: https://twitter.com/UKSF_Clan (@UKSF_CLAN)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uksfclan


Bertistuta - Privatesmokey and Monk
Clan Leaders of the [UKSF]

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