BF3 Draft 2013
Tag: [BF3D] Fans: 2 Created: 2013-06-05

Platoon Presentation

The official platoon where top representatives will be in charge of choosing a player that has registered for the Battlefield 3 draft. There will be a list of players that each representative can pick in order to play in this competition.

This competition will be played in an 8v8 format.

Think of this competition as a fantasy draft for Battlefield 3 competitive, or a game of dodgeball at recess; the best players get picked first, and then the list goes on.

If a player chooses to not play for the team he is on, he will be disqualified and ejected from the series.

Since this series is in an 8v8 format, each team will be allowed to pick up to 10 players and have 2 players as substitutions.

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