US Airborne Infantry
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Welcome to the home of the US Airborne Infantry!!!
***Now Recruiting***

Founder: Nyc_Superuser
Co-Leader: Ipwnuptehbutt

Clan Alliance: ACRT, VE1T, iRas
Server: Airborne Warfare Center

This platoon was formed for serious gamers who don't take themselves too seriously. I've found Battlefield requires just as much skill as any sport and can be just as rewarding. There is nothing like working your way up thru the ranks from a lowly noob to a highly skilled Colonel
but there is only so far you can go by yourself. Anyone who has played against a veteran squad communicating with mics know the kind of hell can be raised. That's where we come in.
Being Airborne first and foremost we are all riflemen. Marksmenship is highly valued. Paratroopers can only carry what they need and only need what they carry. We are prepared to defeat any threat on the battlefield. We are highly mobile, use superior training and battle tested tactics to overwhelm our enemies.
Airborne Infantry is looking for players who:
1) Have a mic- This is necessary for communication. Exceptions will be made for close friends and those in process of getting mic
2)Play for the win- I could care less about your kill/death ratio or score per minute. We need people that want to use teamwork to achieve victory not go Rambo and pat your stats.
3)Be willing to make new friends- Everyone in this platoon met on Battlefield and we all are respectful to eachother and our teammates. Anyone on the enemy team is fair game.
4)Must wear clan tags when playing with other members- We look out for eachother.

Alpha Squad_ Airborne Frontline Assault
Operators assigned to this squad are responsible for directing ground operations and the capturing of strategic points as directed.
//Squad Leader// ALPHA1118
//Assistant Squad Leaders//

Bravo Squad_ Airborne Logistics Unit
Operators assigned to this squad are responsible for the deployment, operation and maintenance of armored assets as well as defense of friendly forces encountering armored assets. They are also compelled to provide basic air defense capabilities.
//Squad Leader// HCKYKILLA4
//Assistant Squad Leaders//mrcobra47

Charlie Squad_ Aviation Support Group
Operators assigned to this squad are responsible for the deployment of air assets, providing air superiority and assisting ground operations by providing close air support.
//Squad Leader// AWHITEE5
//Assistant Squad Leaders//

Delta Squad_ Airborne Shadow Team
Operators assigned to this squad are responsible for providing real time intelligence, sniper as well as counter sniper operations and the establishment of strategic spawn points
//Squad Leader// IPWNUPTEHBUTT
//Assistant Squad Leaders// SwC_Flow

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*******AirB v KG****** RESCHEDULING (Time to be announced)

PSN Nyc_Superuser

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