Regiment Elite Marines
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Platoon Presentation

Requirements:Must me the rank of Sergeant+

Must have at least 100 kills

If you are invited you do not need these requirements.

Do not come in posting on the wall for free rank ups in the group or to be a leader.If you do you will be kicked from the clan.

Motto:As long as we are alive,every enemy will fall.

Head leader:Darksoul6262


Leaders jobs:Make the men as good as possible.
Make sure they aren't off of Battlefield for a week or they will be kicked out of the clan.Unless for family problems.
Watch to see who has done better than others.
See who has not been doing well and make them better.

Always help a member out when they need help with something.
OToole42 is in control of who gets to fly Helicopters and Jets.Also who gets to be squad leaders,and squad operations.
Darksoul6262 is in control of Clan wars,training,and all of the clan.
Leaders Job:To get recruits.To answer questions.Also to look after our men when in battle and to fight in battle.
Also i do not get to make clan war choices by myself.Leaders will talk about it and agree on something.
Squad Leaders job:To always fight with your men when in battle.Make a platoon saying your squad name.And only let people in that are in your squad.Also Squad Leaders need to keep the leaders updated on how their squad is doing every 2 days.
Recruits Job:Try to be at every training.Keep squad leaders updated on your ranks.
The leaders will keep you updated on upcoming battle or wars.
Rank changes:If you see that a Squad leader or a leader is doing wrong things or is treating men wrong please report it to Darksoul6262,or getorboyinsc,and we will talk to that leader/squad leader.
When you join please invite everyone that has PS3 to the clan or platoon and you will get promoted once you invite 5 people.Every 5 people means one promotion.
It is MANDATORY you sign up on the site AFTER you are accepted into {RECK}
RM Stands for RECK Marines

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