Middle East Clans
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Platoon Presentation

This platoon is for Clans Founders/Leaders of the Middle East and North Africa Clans in BF3/BF4.

We made this platoon, to make it easy for Clans from Middle East and North Africa to communicate with eash other and make (PCW/CW) Practice Clan Wars or Clan Wars.

And also present the Middle East and North Africa Clans for everyone.

You can see all the clans in this page:

Clans we know so far:
1- [EEF] Egypt Elite Force - EGYPT (EnergizedKiller/MaxVan)
2- [EGVT] Egyptian Veterans - EGYPT (EGY-ZOMBIE)
3- [SAF] SpecialArabForce - KSA (GBL-10-TOTTI)
4- [SF] Special Forces - KSA (iABu-YouSeF)
5- [CS] Crazy Skillz - MIX (Amer_Dubai)
6- [G4] Gulf Army - KSA **Broken**
7- [ACE] ACE SQUAD - KSA (iRoyalLsS)
8- [SS] Shadow Strikers - KSA (SA-Gold_Knight)
9- [TB] Toxic Bullet - KSA (THUNDER_SA)
10- [BOSS] Bullets Of Super Speed - MIX **Broken**
11- [Hawk] HawK - KSA (BraveHawkHero)
12- [1mA] One Man Army - MIX **Broken**
13- [TBz] Tie Breakerz - IRAQ **Broken**
14- [GS] Golden Squad Clan - IRAQ (AtHeEr_JuBa/mrn0oo0b)
15- [TS] [₮]eam[₴]trike - IRAQ
17- [GS] Gulf Shield - UAE (
18- [EPIC] Elite Players In Combat - SYRIA **Broken**
19- [BL] Burst Limits - ALGERIA (-2mS-DzHunter)
20- [EGPT] Egyptian Commandos - EGYPT (khaled72-XXX)
21- [G] Guardians - MIX (bits_bytes)
22- [IQWR] Iraqi Warfighters - IRAQ **Broken**
23- [MGU] Team Morocco - MOROCCO (FwixGamer)
24- [PEAL] Peace Allies - PALESTINE (ahmed_r_safi)
25- [GP] GamerPath - KSA **Just a group**
26- [WM] WithOut Mercy - IRAQ (ahmed_r_safi)
27- [RpG] Respect pro Gamers - KSA **BF4 ACTIVE** (AZ-RFaElloO)
28- [NR] Night Rangers - IRAQ (XxXkArrArXxX- GENERAL-BESooo)
29- [IWF] Iraqi WarFare - IRAQ (-IWF-Montes)
30- [S.W.A.T] S.W.A.T - IRAQ (KOBRA-IRAQ/Capt-Harith)
31- [IDT] Iraq Dalta Team - IRAQ (M_Black_Ghost_M/V1oS-IraQ)

You can find find them via the platoon search tool. If you have a clan and want to register it, Apply to join this platoon and present your clan in the feed.

Thanks everyone.

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