Infinity Guardians 2.0
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Platoon Presentation

Infinity Guardians were created by my friend Hellfire_Angel, and I (Tankman267) in order to form a close knit platoon. We value Honor and Respect. We are looking for like-minded individuals who like to play Battlefield 3 and ENJOY it as well. We like to joke around and have fun yet still play the objective and win most if not all games. We do not require a lot. Just that you respect everyone in this clan and have good sportsmanship....Unless they start it first then its game on.

Althrough we might be a small platoon/clan we aim to provide a place where like minded gamers can meet up, have fun and go pub stomping!!! However we also want to form a "competitve" clan that can take part in things like FraggedNation and Clan Matches when the number of members have built up!!!

Platoon Created 28/1/13

1. Please have a mic
2. Be team and squad oriented
3. Speak English
4. Tear it up.

At the moment there is NO STAT REQUIREMENT. Stats can be easily builded on by consolidating with other members and having members helping you out whether thats giving you tips on a gun to just helping you learn good tactics!

------Current Projects/Ambitions------
GFX Logo (-)
Website (✓)
"Elite" Sub Platoon (-)
25+ Members (-)
4 Leaders (3/4)

First of all match the requirements specified
Then apply for the platoon and add members once/if accepted

Looking for:
Pilots (Jet & Heli)
Chopper Gunner
Tank Drivers and Gunners
Infantry (ALL CLASSES)

★Recruitment Thread:★


★Website: ★

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