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Platoon Presentation


This is a competitive platoon that is a branch of The BUDs Society....which means we take the best and most dedicated players of the BUDs Society and play BF3 in competitions and tournaments.

We are currently signed up on FraggedNation.com for the normal and hardcore squad rush ladders and the grand conquest ladder, so if any of those sound like your specialty please make sure to let us know once you are accepted into our ranks. We are always open to dedicated, loyal, and active soldiers so just send any of the team leaders a message and turn in the application and we'll contact you in regards to your try out.

This is a link to find us on Fraggednation http://www.fraggednation.com/clans/BUDs
All Spec Ops members please create an account and join.

Hello all and welcome. This is KINGZOMBIE76, This platoon is for competition gameplay. The first thing we are attempting is to get about 24 good, reliable, and active players. After that we will be starting practices on the BUDs Society server so that we can become a cohesive unit. Once we feel that we are ready we will start clan battles (which is always fun), and hopefully we will be able to do fraggednation and play for winnings. We don't expect anyone to "have to wear" the BUDs tag, except for practices and events... but if you do, then Hooah in advance for your dedication to the platoon.We now have our own tag that seperates us from the regular BUDs, ours is BUDz !!! I will be posting more to keep everyone updated. Thanks for your time:-)

This is a link to our countdown clock for the practice event.


JESS1CA_76 wrote on the wall for Spec Ops Elite(BUDs):
If you guys get serious and actually make something of this portion of BUDs (which is the best of the best of BUDs) then I can get a sponsor for you to get your fee's covered plus t-shirts and platoon dog tags. But I need to see you all are real about it, so show me and I can show you the rewards! :D

Our goal is to become a dominating team
Play and beat any enemy force against us
Scrimmage against other clans & clan battles
Get a high reputation on FraggedNation
Play for winnings on FraggedNation

Everyone to stay active in the platoon and in game
Everyone to be mature
Everyone to make as many practices as possible
Everyone to make as many events as possible
Everyone to follow their leaders orders
Everyone to be respectful of other teammates
Everyone to keep personal chatter down during game
Everyone to communicate and call out enemy
Everyone to play to win (NO MESSING AROUND)
Everyone to speak up if they have questions
No blaming other teammates for losses
Leaders helping weaker players become stronger
Everyone to do whatever their job is with their kit
Everyone be a good sport and have a good attitude
Everyone to wear the BUDz tag for practices and events to keep uniformity

Guidelines ~
*When we have assigned squads and squad leaders, the squad leader will make sure their squad is already in order before the round (squad attributes, kits, loadouts, ect ...).
*Within the first few minutes of an event all players will stay in spawn and outside vehicles until all Spec Ops members are on the correct team and ordered to begin.
*All leaders are to lead by example and stay professional in any and all circumstances.
*If any player/member of this platoon dishonors this platoon or fellow members in any way the problem player will face immediate expulsion from the platoon.
*All player problems are to be dealt with after practice/event, never during. (And will be dealt with accordingly by me and the other leaders after hearing all sides.)
{This is what I have for now. Thank you!}

Team Communication ~
Only Squad leaders, pilots, tank drivers, and commanders are to be on team chat. All others will stay on squad chat and work within this command communications structure.

Command structure & Assignments ~
Jess ... Founder, Boss Lady, and regular infantry
Zombie ... Commander of all units, tanker, and infantry
Smack/Cali ... Commander of air units
Smokey ... Squad Leader

{Squad loadouts & specializations are to be handled before a match and are the responsibility of the squad leaders.}

Tank Squad ~
ZOMBIE* ... Squad Leader and tanks/infantry
Justdaft14 ... tanks, and infantry
Strato619/EXCALATION619 ... tanks, and infantry

Air Squad (Ground Squad when needed) ~
*Smack/Cali ... Air Leader/Helicopter Gunner
Defunct ... Jet Pilot
Mandershooter2 ... Helicopter Pilot

Infantry Squad 1****(LUST HOG SQUAD)****
*Sm0keyMcbon3s ... Squad Leader
Zolo ... infantry
Jnb ... infantry
HattersRabbit ... infantry

Infantry Squad 2
nine ... infantry
freddmurphy ... infantry
Delta ... infantry

Ground Squads .... (full time infantry) TBD
*If you interested in being an infantry squad leader and think you have what it takes please get a hold of me* (we will hold a special practice/testing to see your squad, and leadership skills) Dedication, maturity, and activity within this platoon is mandatory for all leadership positions!!! Thank you!

Practice length ~
1 full map rotation starting when all Spec Ops players are on the same side (if there is only a few of us)
2 full map rotations starting when all Spec Ops players are on the same side (when we have a full team)

Map Rotation index ~
1 full map rotation = 5 rounds
2 full map rotations = 10 rounds

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