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Medic Kings is (as of now) a relaxed platoon with no skill requirements (join now and when there are requirements they will not pertain to you) you don't even have to use a mic!! just if you are on the mic, don't be more annoying than a grenade spam and if your not on a mic, try and follow what the person(s) on mics are saying so we work together and you'll be fine.

Medic Kings is the new generation of the past Paramedic Elite and Paramedic Community platoons.
Any Players that have in the past have been apart of any of the paramedic platoons (Med) Join up now!

As of now Medic Kings are in a Alliance with the growing platoon Killing you all day {KYAD}. so if your in KYAD your more than welcome here.
Respect all KYAD and MEDK players

KYAD founder: Chief_IMMoRTAL

Founder/Competitive CEO: Qaandy


KYAD page:

MEDK Recruitment Thread:


Looking for CWs, contact a leader.

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