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Platoon Presentation

Welcome you to the European Gaming Network Platoon page!

This will outline a little bit about the EGN vision as well as provide information regarding the EuroCredits system on our website, our teams and other relevant information.

The European Gaming Network vision is to create a widespread, active and enjoyable community focused around the gaming, eSports and technology sectors. While everybody is welcome here at EGN we do have different levels of team membership with the view to creating a social team as well as, an elite, dedicated competitive team for each game that we involve ourselves in.

We aim to provide an enjoyable community atmosphere, gripping editorial content, long lived heartfelt blogs and immersive video content on both YouTube and Twitch for our loyal community members to enjoy.

Keeping the community involved and active is important to us here at EGN and we want to engage you at every turn, from giving you the ability to influence the type of editorial content we publish to staring you in our next YouTube epic… We want you to get involved – In fact, we actively encourage it, by rewarding you with our unique EuroCredits system – The more you get involved, the more you earn and more importantly for you, the more you can spend!

The EuroCredits system is our unique way of rewarding our members for being involved in the continued development of the European Gaming Network. You earn credits by being actively involved, for example making a post in the forum will earn you 1 EuroCredit, posting a new topic will net you 2 EuroCredits while creating a piece of YouTube content for EGN will grant up to 250 EuroCredits plus 0.10 EuroCredits for every view it achieves!

Once you have a nice little stash of EuroCredits you can spend them in our online store – You can purchase a wide variety of items from custom forum and TeamSpeak ranks and medals (176EC) to a jar of Baconaise (471EC) (Mmmm bacon flavoured mayonnaise) all the way through to the monster gaming rig with the apt name of Elite Crowned Eagle Gaming Rig (647,065EC) the rig has over €6,500 worth of components inside.

We are always on the lookout to take other clans, guilds and communities under our wing and get them involved in the European Gaming Network. We can provide you with servers, TeamSpeak servers, a website and the EuroCredit system! As well as our entire community base to interact and play with.

**What we want:

Active, friendly members with an interest in the gaming, eSport and technology industries who would like to commune and interact with likeminded people.

**What we require:

Individuals with the interest to help develop the EGN community into the great place we know it can be.

**How you can help:

Read the articles, Post in the forums, Create gripping content.
We also accept donations through our shop – and for every €1.00 you donate we will GIVE you 80 EuroCredits in return! You scratch our back and we will scratch yours…..

**What we don’t want:


**Joining the European Gaming Network:

If you would like to get involved with the European Gaming Network then please create a topic in the “Join EGN” Forum if you are a sole individual looking to get involved with EGN then this post is just a formality and we already consider you apart of our community.

If, however you are representing a team or group of players please create a topic in the “Join EGN” section and we will review it as quickly as possible. Make sure you include either an e-mail address, Steam, Skype etc. etc. address so that we can contact you and we can discuss how we go forward with regards to what we can bring to each other.

**To find more Information Check us out at: