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Conquerors of Death

There are no rules or requirements, all may apply. However there are requirements for those who are interested in becoming leaders and sectional leaders

Leader Requirements:
- K.D 3.5 or higher (legit non of that reset crap)
-Over 100,000 kills (shows you can keep up)
-SPM over 900
-Must be dedicated to this clan only

Sectional Leader Requirements:
-K.D 2.0 or higher
-Over 60,000 kills
-SPM 700
-Must be good in the field they choose to lead above all

This clan is still in recruitment stage until BF4. The main purpose of this is to see who is interested in joining.

Once BF4 comes out there will be tryouts and cutts will happen.

If you do apply and do not get accepted chances are you are really bad at this game an should just give up at battlefield and stick to C.O.D


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