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The Ace Squad Tournament. What's it about? Well my friend, the name says it all. WHO is the ace squad? Who is the squad of 4 players that can succeed in the three elements of the game. Infantry, Air and Armour.

The idea is simple, but a good one at that. The whole purpose of this platoon is to see how much attention we can gather for the tourney. If we can get enough teams to enter, then we'll set everything up. Just remember that in this tourney you will have to choose your players wisely. It's all about being versatile.

►Explanation of Tournament:◄

►How does this work?◄

Each ‘team’ or ‘squad’ will have a set 4 members that will compete against other squads in all areas including Infantry (4v4 sq-rush), Armor (4v4 MBT or 4v4 MBT/IFV) and Air (4v4 jet/heli). Basically everyone plays in all sectors.
►How does a squad win?◄

Each ‘team’ or ‘squad’ can win by points. You gain points when you beat another squad in a specific area. E.g. Squad-A, defeats Squad-B in infantry and armor, but Squad-B defeats Squad-A in Air. Squad-A wins 2-1 in points. Each category (Infantry, armor and air) will be played twice (2 rounds)

**Contact 'Steve-oRazor' if you need someone to record your event or to be a referee. (armor and air events) link to his youtube - http://www.youtube.com/user/stevo86man
►How do we organize a match?◄

You can contact a ‘team’ or ‘squad’ by asking one of their members to play. After a certain period, the top squads with the most points go through to elimination rounds.

Each ‘team’ or ‘squad’ has 1 dodge card they’re allowed to use. Once that is used up, you have to show up and play if someone challenges you.

Default time is 3pm EST on Sunday for US and EU based ‘squads’. If you face an AU based squad, then the default time is 9pm EST on Saturday for AU vs US and 2pm GMT +1 on Sunday for AU vs EU

Infantry sector rules: This will be based on 4v4 Sq-Rush on 2 maps (3rd map if there’s a tie). If one squad defeats another squad on a map, they get 1-point for winning that map. Goes by MCOMs and not by tickets. NO shotguns, NO explosives (except grenades/smoke) and NO Glitching.

Armor sector rules: ‘teams’ or ’squads’ can chose between a 4v4 MBT battle (on Kharg or Firestorm) or a 4v4 MBT or IFV battle (on Tehran). Everything is allowed, and you get a point for getting a wipe (both enemy armor down) Once you get destroyed, you stayed destroyed. This approaches ‘defensive’ team work.

Air Sector rules: This will be played out just like a war/scrim/clan battle. 2 jets and a chopper Duo vs 2 jets and a chopper duo. You get a point once you successfully wipe their air. Once one air vehicle goes down, it can’t get back up. A squad will play both rounds on Caspian preferable or map of choice.

To be updated:
How do you enter? Join the platoon and post on the wall your squad of 4 and the name of your team which we will then add to the list below.


1. daddybeto, BCC, Puma and CWA ✓ (The Frijoleros)

2. Antiloppa, Arnie, Minimex and studido ✓ (The Snails.)

3. Lekrom, zl_llDooIVI_lz, Pioneer and ULTI ✓ (tHe BuNNieZ)

4. Zeiikz, Badger, Leon and Astrotia ✓ (82nd Spec-ops Division Tier 1 Stage 5)

5. Johnny_kakes, Nica, Elma and ... x (Team name)

6. Valkyrie, Gen, Counter and Unbornz ✓ (bananas)

7. Infamous, Overn, Saints and Preizt ✓ (Team name)

8. Sentinel pro, Erbarba, Assassinxcx and zanetta ✓ (2F2F)

9. FK_ON-A_LEASH, TANK2345, Dark-titan_18 and NorthChronic ✓ (Team name)

10. DerkDaDerk, jvirfoss, UnReal_Jay and Mexicanundrum ✓ (Our Canadian > Your Canadian)

11. Parralax, Sonic, Ruphold and Josh.D____ ✓ (The Hentai Rangers)






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