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Platoon Presentation

This platoon is solely for fraggednation and battlelog clan battles.
so ive decided to start a competitive part to ShG we need this part for clan battles. you will be put in to squads and that is who you will play with in every game we play weather. in order to be part u must be a team player and obey the orders given to you by your squad leader. i want people that can try our idea before you say its not going to work. you have to keep a positive kd in the game because every kill counts as a lost ticket we will be practice every chance we get and will run our tactics against everyone. message me if you are interested

1. Must be a team player
2. Must have a mic
3. Must be willing to give contact info so you can be reached for clan battles.
4. All member must sign up on clan website and be active on it.
5. This clan runs its server and website on donations so if you are able, any amount helps; contact coheath07 if you want to donate.
6. You need to be an active player if you play once a week or less this is not the clan for you. (Exceptions are understandable)
7. To compete in FN organized matches, you must sign up for a account and join our competitive team on FN. (These are FN rules)
8. Keeping a Positive K/D in matches kill equal ticket loose the less deaths the less ticket drain
9. Needs to be able to follow orders
10. Must obey squad leaders
You will be in a set squad with set player so that you can learn from each other and how to play together as a squad. if you do not follow these rules and requirement you will be removed and place back into ShGe.

Alpha Squad

Bravo Squad

Charlie Squad

Delta Squad

Echo Squad

Foxtrot Squad

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