Legion of Doom
Tag: [D2M] Fans: 17 Created: 2013-08-01

Platoon Presentation

We are a clan in progress formed by a group of friends that like to play together and work as a team, we put competition in every server we get into, so if you like to play the objective and win feel free to apply, we are currently recruiting dedicated players, if you play constantly that's a big plus, we have weekly matches and almost daily practices, we will be debuting in a squad death match tournament starting august 20th (gptv squadbash 2013) we are looking to build a competitive team for bf3 and get it ready for bf4 so there are a few requirements:

-headset mandatory
- be active on the game and battlelog
- aiming 15% or higher
-kd minimum of 1.5
-colonel 50 or higher
-competitive experience preferred
-infantry or vehicle skills (know your role and what you're good at)
-no premium needed
-have a great attitude and know how to take feedback and learn from it
-be respectful

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