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Dont join if your a member of any other UwG public group. but if not then your welcome to join.

Please note this is our public group and does not make you a full member of UwG. to become a full member if interested please Add UwG leaders and members and play with us, Please join teamspeak3 so we can get to know you better and please post an app on our forums so we can learn about you....more...

Thanks and good luck!

Join us in teamspeak 3
Address: UnitedWorldGamers.typefrag.com

And remember to check out the site, were looking for new members

United World Gamers is an Online gaming community with members from all countries around the world. We are a mature gaming clan that places an emphasis on creating a casual gaming atmosphere for our members. The number one thing that United World Gamers looks for in its new members is the ability to have fun. We place a high premium on competitive play, but at the end of the day -- the friendships we have within our community are worth far more than the score at the end of the round. In addition, our members take pride in contributing towards our online community. This creates a very laid back yet fun atmosphere for our members to play in. We are always looking for new members to join us. all are welcome to join in our fun. United World Gamers is currently recruiting mature players.

Our goal is to have fun playing and competing in online games. While the concept of "electronic sports" and "professional gamers" has grown steadily over the past few years, United World Gamers believes that video games are meant to be a hobby, not a profession. A real-life education or career should come before gaming. That being said, the thrill of competing and trying to be the best at a game is what makes it fun for us. However, we will not compromise the fun of a game to gain more wins.

Friendship among members is important to us, it makes the United World Gamers community more fun and promotes the solidarity of the organization. This has allowed United World Gamers to exist Since 2003.. Even when our players go inactive or quit playing our current game, they stick around and chat with us. In other words, if you fit in with United World Gamers, you find yourself staying United for life.

When it comes to competing, we are dedicated and hard working. We enjoy improving our abilities on both an individual and team level, and we enjoy the thrill of climbing to the top of a game's pecking order. While we do our best to win, we do so within the league rules and the generally accepted rules of sportsmanship. A respectable loss from playing fair is better than a win gained through unsportsmanlike methods such as cheating and rules-whoring. In other words, we play to win respect from the community.

We can and will joke about nearly everything. We find that if you take online gaming drama too seriously, you'll just get angry all the time, as there are a lot of jerks on the Internet. As a result, you'll find that most United World Gamers are laid back and are not easily fazed by the crazy things that go on in the community. We do our best not to act like jerks, however we are human and we do get caught up in arguments sometimes. One thing we will not do is talk trash without backing it up - we prefer to let our game speak for us, as actions speak louder than words.

Our Forum is extremely active, with topics ranging from games, sports, humor and computer support. While we are here to have fun, we also believe it is important to follow rules, so please take some time to read over the rules in our forums, and we hope to get to know you better in the near future.

If you would like to join us, post an application on our forums

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