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Platoon Presentation



Actively recruiting:

Key requirements:

MUST be active on PSN and battlelog/facebook
MUST be a team player
MUST speak and understand English
MUST have a mic
Wear FTA tags / Loyal
Mature gamer
Ability to follow chain of command
Positive K/D
add sailing_skipper on here and on PSN
This page is a new addition and in conjunction with [FTA] From the Ashes. It is NOT a separate clan. All newly applying members to FTA will join this page first and will undergo a probation period, which is not subject to a time limit. This gives new members time to get to know everyone and to see if this clan is for them.

New members and members not interested in matches are requested to remain on this page.

------------------------------------------------------Server and Members Guidelines----------------------------------------

Can you please make sure you have at least sailing_skipper added on PSN

Please note The chain of command:
Platoon founder and chief bitch: Sailing_skipper
Platoon leaders: tbmb85 & Un4Saken_Warrior
[FTA] Squad leaders: As above and roscoeP_Coltrain & US-ARMYRANGER-14
[fta] Squad leaders: STALKER442, Lanny12345 and Baz_MillWall_FC.

We are a respectful clan, and play that way. All server rules apply to you, on top of those , Jet ramming, C4 spamming, Jihad jeeps, tea-bagging and glitching by members is not acceptable. Your behaviour reflects on the team as a whole, keep it clean! - main server rules can be found on the "From the Ashes" page on battlelog, please make yourself familiar with them.

We ask all members to please put "fta" as their tag so that we and new members may identify you easily on the server and that non members know what platoon you belong to.Tags can be put on your soldier by going to your own profile, clicking edit profile and adding "fta" to your soldier, not forgetting to click save at the bottom of the page to ensure changes that you have made stay after leaving that page.

Please be aware of squad members around you and take in to consideration the needs of the squad/team that you are in. if you see that something is lacking, for example, ammo/meds please aim to fill that void and ensure that perks are not stacked (same as other squad members) as this will aid everyone. Remember to spot enemies that you see if safe to do so, (by pressing "select" whilst looking at them) even if you cant kill them, it spots that enemy on the mini map. There's a chance another member of the team can eliminate them (this works for vehicles and equipment too). Teamwork wins matches.

Although many squads do this, wed like to encourage our members not to spawn camp or vehicle steal in games such as conquest. So long as you keep taking over objectives and holding down the bases you will do just fine. (any vehicles out on the battlefield are fair game!)

During platoon VS platoon matches, we will need the more skilled flyers/tank drivers to have access to the vehicles, these matches are not the times to be trying these out.

Headsets/mics are essential for relaying information to team mates, if you have one, please put it on.

Please get into the habit (where possible) to check into here (battlelog) often, to keep you up to date with new members.

Have fun out there. Everyone has their "off days", remember that its just a game and there will always be another one.

**where possible, try to fill the FTA server, which is currently running a conquest only rotation. Predominantly featuring original BF3 maps with a couple of new ones in the mix. The maps and modes may change for a time in the future. but will remain as it is until the server is more established with regular players returning to it. It's your server, please make use of it.

"fta" members have access to the FTA facebook fanpage, as listed as official website above..To move to the FTA page including access to the FTA match group on FB, dedication and team play must be demonstrated frequently.

thanks guys, see you on the battlefield!

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