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We are the BF3 Dogfight Community everyone who is interested in flying Jets/Bombers in BF3 is welcome to join and be a part of the community. We share unranked and ranked servers that are sponsored by members. Joining is completly free we want to keep the good BF2 Dogfight Community alive and move forward to BF3.

We see our selfs as pilots you be one of the best even not the best.
Train hard Fight Hard, but fair.

Cu you on the Battlefield

Our Server:


1st Platoon:

2nd Platoon:

3rd Platoon:

Also join our xfire community to have instant contact with nearly 100+ bf3 pilots already.


Update 1:
We will only now accept people that have invested some time in jet A10 etc!

Update 2:
Due to the huge amount of applications we have i am sure we could reach 4-6 platoons easily with this pace but for now we are gonna settle for 3 so anyone who wishes to join i am asking you to just fan the main platoon and hope Dice increases the platoon cap since it will be lot harder to manage 4-6 platoons than it is to manage 3. I hope you guys understand this :)

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