Crazy Wolfpack
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Platoon Presentation

Stopped with bf3 as team.

Crazy WolfPack
We played mostly Squad Rush top 10 europe.
But now we are focusing on 5on5 infantry cups on ESL and 4PL.

You can see us play on all the big LANs in Netherlands and Belgium.

Battlefield 3:
#1 B2K 4x4 CUP Benelux
#1 120 Days Benelux
#1 SUGAR LAN Belgium (16-18 march '12)
#4 4PL march 4v4 cup
#1 The Party (LAN) (6-8 april '12)
#2 IDentity (LAN) (6-8 july '12)
#2 The Reality XIII

Bad Company 2:
#3 at Knife the Vip tournament
#1 at Knife the Vip tournament ESl
Top rank on 4x4 Squadrush Bfbc2 #2
#1 BC2 compo @ The Reality (Lan)

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