Angels 'n Rockets
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== As "Angels 'n Rockets" does not exist anymore, this platoon is not active too ==

Welcome to the platoon of "Angels ´n Rockets" - an international Battlefield gaming clan since 2006.

- This platoon is ONLY for members. If you like us you´re more than welcome to be a fan or to apply to our platoon, designed specifically for our friends, called: "AnR Clan Buddies" :)
- Following our platoons does not mean you can use [AnR] tag in the game. [AnR] is reserved for full members
- If you want to join =AnR= you need to register on our website and apply

You are more than welcome on our TS3 or forum.

Please update your TS3 bookmark with the new server address:
PW: ponysquad35

Feel free to join our 32 slot BF4 mixed modes server :
-> AnR - Heroic Unicorns
Rules of the server:

Rule 1: No baserape
Rule 2: No roof camping/ No glitching
Rule 3: No SMAW, grenade, grenade launcher SPAM
Rule 4: Don't be an asshole
Rule 5: English only in chat ( squad/team/general chat)
Rule 6: Recruting for another clan than =AnR= is NOT allowed. You will be banned instantly. Only AnR's are allowed to recruit on the AnR server.

For you: If you feel mistreated by admins, complain at

Stay in touch with [AnR]:

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