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>DTC< are a group of gamers that enjoy getting together for some friendly PC gaming. Most of our members are
veterans of Battlefield 2, 2142, Bad Company, Battlefield 3 and now BATTLEFIELD 4 Some of our members also try their hand at
other games and we regulary try out beta's and new releases. We are currently recruiting like minded individuals
(18+) to join our ranks. If you enjoy talking tactics, specs or more importantly bragging about your knifing skills
then come join us on our Teamspeak 3 server:-

Please message or poke one of the Admins so that they can grant you authorized guest access. If there is an
adminbot in the public channel please yell (as we might be in game), then be patient & please wait awhile. provides, maintains and administrates the Pathfinder servers 1 to 4 at our cost and time.

Please feel free to join us on our public Teamspeak -

Pathfinder 1 Pathfinder 1 | All Vanilla Maps | 64 Player | HIGH XP RUSH CONQ

Pathfinder 2 - Pathfinder 2 | China Rising TDM | 32 Players | HIGH XP

Pathfinder 3 - Pathfinder 3 | China Rising |64 Player| HIGH XP RUSH CONQ OBLI


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