Guns of MaYhEm
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Guns of MaYhEm was created by a merge of the Calguns (CGN) and MaYhEm clans. Both teams merged just before Battlefield 3 was released. The majority of our members are members; but we encourage ALL dedicated gamers to apply for membership. Many of us have met and have gone to social shooting events, and we play online together on a daily basis. Our clan currently plays Battlefield 3 competitively, but with more players comes expansion and diversification.

As we enter the field of competitive gaming, we have created seperate platoons. This platoon represents the general, or casual, wing of our clan; and we have a separate, competitive wing for this clan that you will be invited to if you are deemed to be a dedicated player.

If you are a casual player looking for a group of people to play with, or if you're a mid-level player looking to start competing, you're all welcome into this clan so long as you represent us with integrity and have a thick skin when dealing with other clan members. Application forms can be found and submitted on our website listed above.


Join our Game server at the following link:

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