Team Denmark
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Platoon Presentation

T-DK Søger members 15+ kom på vores ts for en snak eller tjek vores hjemmeside.

THIS CLAN DOES NOT USE ANY KIND OF CHEAT's and goes in for Fair play. If you find any of our members for cheating glitching etc feel free to contact us the Staff. Zipet or Gizmo_FCL or Finskytte and we will hit hard on it and figure it out. if the resualt is possitive it will resault in clan kick and followed up with a report of the current player with full GUID and more to DICE. we do NOT accept any kind of cheats.

We will need proff for a miss thinken player of cheating. also note that. a skilled player aint cheating just because he likes to rip you apart.

See you on the Battlefield soldier !!

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