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Platoon Presentation

Welcome to the PS3 division of ghst-_-R3CON.

The leader of this division is AC-FROST.
Requirements to join and remain an active member:
-Need a mic, though this may be discussed with one of the leaders if you currently don't have one.
-If you are joining for PC, then Skype is preferred as the way for communicating.
-Sense of Humor and healthy/fun attitude towards the game and other members.
-Must be active and join other members whether inviting them, joining their games, or inviting them to parties.
-Must PTFO (Play the F******* Objective)
-Make sure you aren't stats obsessive.
-Once you become a member, you must wear the R3C clantag. (This can be done through "edit profile,"
under "profile" in Battlelog.)
-Register on forums, become a fan on Battlelog and be active both in-game and on the forums.
-When you sign up on the forums, please make a reply below stating the username that you have used in signing up, so that your account may be activated by admins. Thanks!

Be sure to become a fan, and feel free to apply! Don't forget to check out our clan website! Be sure to register there and post in the introductions forum!

Wondering what times we play? We have members from all around the globe, some of which are not even in this platoon due to circumstantial reasons. Essentially expect to find us on all around the clock!

We are a new breed of soldier!

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