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Tag: [SSO] Fans: 108 Created: 2011-10-25

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We are a clan of casual as well as competitive gamers. At SSO, we work as a unit to win games
with strategy and brute force. We are open to call anyone a member of our team as long as you are
a team player and strive to be the best you can be. We are looking for members who love to play the game,
regardless if you are competitive oriented or the casual type gamer. We accept players from any corner
of the world (speaking English is preferred though). We love to see support of SSO, so sport the SSO clan tag to instill fear in our opponents. Spread the clan and support our members by
adding other members to your friend list.

----------~--~---~--~----------SSO, dominating the battlefield, wherever it may be, since 2007----------~--~---~--~----------

Our Requirements:
--We like to see players playing a few days a week
--Be a team player - Play with fellow SSO members
--Minimum level 45
--K/D Ratio over 1.25
--Preferably have the DLCs or premium (but not essential)

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