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= Team ReZurrection - Gaming Strong Since 2003 =

Team ReZurrection is a gaming clan currently dedicated to playing Battlefield 3 and expansions. We at Team ReZurrection strive for quality game play, skilled competition, and just plain fun with friends. We are a group of gamers who enjoy having our friends in an organized clan-based society, getting together for some good gaming and competition among the general public and ourselves. We have no ranks, and no need for them. Every member has a say in what we are, and what we become.

We are one of the oldest, yet most thriving gaming clans around today. We have seen many clans come and go. Ones that we were sure that we would see today have dissolved. Yet, we seem to hold together through everything. Yes, we have had our share of ups and downs, as any gaming clan has seen. Maybe even more so. But, we have always seemed to hold on.

Team ReZurrection Clan is an Equal Opportunity Clan. We do not discriminate on any basis including age, race, religion, or gender. If you feel that you have been abused in any matter related to any of these, please contact a Council member, Leadership Staff member, or the Clan Founders.

= I'm Looking To Join! What Do I Have To Do? =

Looking for a place to have some fun?

Tired of lonewolf gameplay with no team support?

Come check us out! You can even visit our public TeamSpeak 3 server to test the waters first. You can also just visit as a guest with no obligation to join.

Server IP:
Password: (currently we do not have one set)

We are a Battlefield series clan currently recruiting quality mature players for casual or competitive gameplay.

CODE OF CONDUCT: (Our Basic Rules)
1. It is the responsibility of each member to know and follow all rules and policies.
2. All members are expected to be mature gamers.
3. Clan members must be respectful to each other.
4. You are part of a team and are expected to act as such.
5. Team ReZurrection will not tolerate cheating of any kind. If caught you will be banned from all clan media with no questions asked.
6. Have fun!

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