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IDS is a TOP 100 Clan, and we are now recruiting new members. If you're interested in becoming an official member of IDS, visit our website and apply.

Be advised . . .we are an XBOX 360 ONLY clan.

Our application process is very simple, and ensures us that you will be an active member of our clan. Upon applying to IDS you will go through a two week trial process where you will need to be active on our website forums and achieve at least 20 posts (pretty simple really). You will also need to be active on XBL during this time, and add the list of members that are provided by one of our retention officers. By doing this you will be able to meet a lot of the other members who you can also add on XBL. Beyond this, we ask that you be respectful to all members of the clan. We are a pretty laid back group, but we do not tolerate disrespect.

We accept members of all skill levels, however we are a competitive clan. We ask that you work with your squad, watch each other's backs, and do what's necessary to try and win.

At the moment we have two unique BF3 Squads, and many more will be formed shortly. We participate in GameBattles, and clan challenges whenever possible. Everyone will have a chance to play on the competitive level if they desire to do so.

Feel free to visit our website, and ask whatever questions you may have in our chatbox, located in our forum section.

We'd love to play with you, and we hope to see you on the battlefield soon!

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