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Platoon Presentation

Hello and welcome to DK Elite's Battlelog site.
We are a friendly BF3 clan, who plays to have fun, and everyone is welcome. :)

.:Server Information:.
Admins on the server will do their best to keep the two teams fair and balanced. So if you out of a sudden die and see the text: "Killed by Admin". Don't worry. It's all because of team-balancing. :)

And remember this. We do not tolerate any kind of cheating or abuse of glitches to gain an unfair advantage on the battlefield. This will result in a permanent ban.

We hope to see you on the Battlefield, soldier!
Happy gaming! :o)

You are welcome to play on our Battlefield 3 servers:
[DK] Elite's Armored Shield 24/7 Server!
[DK] Elite's Nose Hair Server!

If you don't have BBlog download it here to improve your Battlelog capabilities so you can watch the current things we have here on the platoon face page.

(To see the platoon emblem, or the banners/video below, you're required to have Better Battlelog installed and the 'Platoon Image Upload' box, under BBlog options, ticked)

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