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This Platoon is set up for Military service members & Gamers who enjoy playing Battlefield and other FPS online with other like minded and mature people we enjoy playing all gamemodes and we accept members from all walks of life and from anywhere in the world just take a look we got every corner of the world covered with members who range from Hardcore Gamers to Casual ones and like Its stated earlier this is a platoon that welcomes all service members because we all wouldn't have the freedom to play games if it weren't for all of you wether youre a Marine,Sailor,Airmen,Soldier,Spec-ops,SAS, JTF ETC..... youre all welcome here
The 76th Spartan Division is a Semi hardcore semi casual platoon we accept anyone who fits the criteria but we always play with tactics and communication after all SHOOT,MOVE,& COMMUNICATE are the basics to surviving and winning in any tactical shooter the division is are casual platoon but if youre interested in being in a more competitive team and are interested in gamebattles and platoon wars and clan matches we have the exclusive 76th Spartan Elite you can't apply but if you prove yourself to the the leaders and me the founder you will receive and invite
76TH Spartan Division Requirements
*Battlefield Player
*Have a Mic
*age 15+
*Gamer or Military Service member
*Good Attitude(No Racists,Scumbags,or assholes) you gotta get along if youre going to work together
*All new members must add all the leaders so everyone is linked
*Meet all 76th Spartan division requiremnets
*comprehensive knowledge of all BF3 maps and Game modes
*the ability to utilize vehicles well and tacticly
*understanding of all tactics and battle plans laid out to them
*the ability to follow orders
*the ability to lead a squad
*approved by one of the leaders or founder
This is our platoon and we've worked with these rules and requirements and manged to always have a good time squading up and dominating put two Spartans together there a force to be reckoned with give me a squad and well tear shit up
well guarantee you one of 3 things
1.) The Ace Squad Ribbon
2.)An MVP Award
3.) A hard faught Battle destroying everything in sight
Who knows we usually get all these done
If youre a military service member please state so upon joining the platoon so we know not to kick you for going dormant if you get deployed just so you know for everyone else we kick you if you've been dormant for 4 months
1.)76th Spartan Elite
2.) DoG-Delta Organized Gaming(Whitespot66)
5.)Infamous ILL(Sandmanbk)
All allies members are also welcome to apply here

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