UK Marine Core
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Are you looking for a mature gaming clan with a serious edge?

We have our own actively admined 32 man servers :

24/7 Strike at Karkand • Conquest Large •


The UK Marine Core [uKm] has risen from the ashes and we are back and mean business ! You may remember
us from Battlefield 2 where we ran 7 servers including 24/7 Karkand, 24/7 Wake Island and 24/7 Air maps. We are
actively on the look out for new members who are easy going and love to game. UK Marine Core have experience
and history as a clan, offering full admin programs, friendly matches, clan wars as well as a friendly cheat free
community, website and forums.

We run our own Team Speak 3 server and public are welcome to join us any time. We are providing BF3 servers
with active admin and a cheat free enviornment.

We loving BF3 ! Are you with us?

Be the best.........shoot the rest !!

Visit today and sign up for a free account, become a member and be safe
in the knowledge you are partnering with one of the premiere BF3 communities on the internet.

Platoon Page:!/bf3/platoon/2832655391326511810/ []

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