The Executioners
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Platoon Presentation

**M2A members: Please Make sure you are checking the Platoon Message board daily!***

The Executioners-
"Swift, Silent, & Deadly"

- Looking for "Team" players
- K/D Ratio is not as important is team play
- Communication is key! Need to own a mic

We are small right now, as we are just starting out. I (Founder) have spent 8 years as in the Marine Corps and know a little something about working as a team and getting the job done.

THis is Battlefield people not COD. We dont need "Hot Shots" and "Lone wolves" in our platoon, you have to want to play as a team and for a team. That means you squad up with your fellow Executioners and get out there and kick some ass.

If we are playing Conquest than that is what you will do. Take flags, same goes for Rush.

We like to party up with anyone and everyone that enjoys working as a team, so make sure you have a Mic and use it well. If you have any questions feel free to contact TG_xXReaperXx


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