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Platoon Presentation

We are a group of serious players. Eventually we will make our presence felt on Battlefield, Killzone, and MAG games. Other points of interest include, but are not limited to: Homefront, Resistance, SOCOM, Uncharted, and (against my better judgement) CoD games

As a clan member you will rock EitR or EiR (when necessary) on all shooters mentioned above. You can play with whoever you want but this is the ONLY clan you claim. You must also play with clan members often. Use of Battlelog and Mics is important. Last thing, and this is unconditional, all members will respect all other members. I don't care what your rank, your score, or what your k/d is, no man is above any other.

Most of us have an offensive/inappropriate sense of humor. In the end its all love, but some people don't get that. So if your a minor or an easily offended feminist, minority, religious/political practitioner, or Canadian you need not apply.

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