Killed In Action
Tag: [KIA] Fans: 3 Created: 2011-11-06

Platoon Presentation

Killed In Action is made up of close friends and Swedish friends that me (MetaIinguz) and other founding members have befriended during ingame play. We are honest players and hate cheaters.

The guid will only have Swedes in it, but for others to read I have decided that our presentation should be in English.

There is only one rule in this platoon: NO HACKING or Glitching in the walls, roofs or floors, Being in hidden rooms is not considered as glitching by us as a player is killable in hidden rooms.

If an admin is trolling and bans you from a server for no reason, then I (MetaIinguz) will try to set things right if I can, even some admins have master-admins over them (Not allways possible).

For other players who want's to contact KIA, you may ad MetaIinguz as friends and chat with him (me). If you want to join the platoon, then you must first get to know MetaIinguz or Stonetwig. You may ask any other member to recomend you to the platoon.

Happy gaming!

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