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We are a small and growing competitive amatuer clan based in NZ/AUS, looking for new members.

We are looking for medics/engis with a good KDR (~2.5) as an all round indicator, and high accuracy (~20%). But we will make exceptions if your a great team player e.g: revive, follow strategies, PTFO.

We have a dedicated TeamSpeak server and an unranked practice/scrims Bf3 server, and can provide training for up and coming stars.

All you need is to have a mic and be able to turn up for weekly scrims.

We are currently competing on the Cybergamer 8v8 and 4v4 ladders, and are ranked 2nd. We were 3rd in the last season.

Some of our recent victims:
-Carnage Smooth, Carnage Crunchy
-OGA Wolfpack

Also, compared to some of these well established clans, if you join us, you will actually get to play as opposed to sit on the bench as a sub.

Add one of our leaders to apply, spots extremely limited.
Battlefield 3
3rd CyberGamer Open 8v8 Season 2
4th CyberGamer Open 8v8 Season 3

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