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1. You must have a mic, communication is key.
2. At all times in game your VOIP should be set to team.
3. Once your application has been accepted you're to sport the B.Y.O.B clan tag, no exceptions.
4. you may not belong to any other clans.
5. you must be a battlelog regular, important info is posted all the time and you must be up_to_date.
6. we're always looking for new recruits so if you know someone of interest you're to try and reel them in.

We Attempt to fill our clan with nothing but "Jack-of-all-Trade" individuals.

We basically try to be extremely effective when it comes to any crew served vehicles.

solo's are frowned upon in this platoon, this is a tactical, objective, team based, FPS and we treat it as such.

we all strive to be team players, protect, heal, revive and resupply.

If you're interested in a skirmish and/or match against our platoon keep in mind we are based in Florida so our
time zones may conflict.

Our main goal is to give a great fight as a TEAM and come out on top every time.

we also enjoy helping our team mates raise the bar by raising there K/D, W/L, SPM and ACCURACY with
many many hours of practice.

Be sure to sport the B.Y.O.B clan tag as soon as you are accepted into the platoon.

We only keep those who are certain of there loyalty, this means you are not to be switching clan tags, if you're set on joining let it be so that you've joined till the end and are loyal only to B.Y.O.B.

Thanks for reading DJSTSTSTUTTER - VUTTZ_73

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