The Noob Treatment
Tag: [TnT] Fans: 69 Created: 2011-11-12

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Got Noobs? Remove them with The Noob Treatment!
Experienced multi gaming clan with some members originating on KZ2.

Former names: Unidentified Mercenaries, Age Quod Agis, UfO

*Divide et Impera*

We are not a clan of "rules". However, we have 1 condition for continued clan membership: TAG USE "TnT" IS MANDATORY IN THIS PLATOON. Feel free to join other platoons as well, but this tag must be used or you will be kicked from this platoon.

This clan is not a single game clan. It is a clan that has existed for years and is well established across multiple gaming platforms and games. Keep an eye out for TnT clans in future games!!!! TnT never dies!

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