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Welcome to our PAGE. Please take the time to register and become active with us. We are are currently looking for new member's and players. We do not care about how good you are or popular you are or where are you from. We want people that will come play with us and have fun and get better together as a clan. Please keep checking back with us as we are making more and more changes to the site to better improve your time with us. Thank you for stopping by and come back again soon.

name of our server

BearsHouseClan - 24/7 CTF/Conquest - Hardcore - NO LAG - PBban
TeamSpeak3 ip: password is bears
facebook is bearshouseclan apply to join now

we have a support section and its for any member in this clan in english and french if you want help on your pc or about game go in ts3 and we will help

RazorGotYou and BearHug are the french and English.

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