Insane Gamers Asylum
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IgA – We crush it

Insane Gamers Asylum is a collective of ass kicking grown ups, having fun, playing games, and wreckin’ shop. At our core, military first person shooters. Right now, most of us play a metric ton of Battlefield 4. Our friendships range from brand spankin’ new to the days of old with BFBC2 and beyond. We’re seasoned gamers, we’re new comers, we’re motivated to work together as a team, and most of all – truly enjoy having a great time laughing it up over the crazy antics IgA does in-game so, so well.

We are always on the look out for mature, adult, grown ups who enjoy blowin’ off a little steam and leaving their baggage at the door on their way in to the servers. If that’s you and you like to go to town with solid squads, ready up.

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