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If you too think this game deserves a sequel, then please become a fan. Titan mode was unbeatable! If you don't remember/know what titan mode is, then here is a sizable description:

"Titan is a type of game mode exclusive to Battlefield 2142, and is named after the enormous warships that are to be destroyed while playing on this mode. The main objective in Titan Mode is to destroy the opposing team's Titan. This can be accomplished through two methods: capturing and controlling Anti-Titan missile silos, allowing the missiles to destroy the enemy Titan through explosive force, or boarding the enemy Titan and destroying the central core (after the ATM's disable the shields, of course).
Anti-Titan missile silos are placed much like Conquest flags throughout the map, and are captured in the same way, by standing near the silo. The Anti-Titan missiles are launched constantly throughout the round, and are guided by the computer towards the opposing team's Titan, depending on which side controls the silo. Once captured, the silos will immediately launch an Anti-Titan missile, and afterwards, missiles will fire at timed intervals until the silo is captured by the enemy team or the game ends.

The first method, using the missiles to destroy the Titan, takes a long time to do so, as the Titan has a very large amount of health, and so many missiles will have to be fired to destroy the Titan, thus making the control of the majority of missile silos paramount to both sides.

The second method, generally seen as the faster of the two, is using the silos to destroy the Titan shield, boarding the defenseless Titan, and destroying the central core. This method is considered more dangerous and difficult than the first, but allows for a quick victory over the opposing team.

Once the hull is destroyed by either the Anti-Titan missiles or from severe damage to its central core, the rest of the ship will begin to self-destruct. The start of the self-destruction of the Titan signals the end of the game, and all troops aboard have a short amount of time to exit the Titan before it is destroyed. If the player successfully escapes from an exploding enemy Titan, the player will be rewarded with the Titan Survival Pin."

This game was one of the best games ever created (in mine and many other people's opinion) and it had huge potential. Unfortunately EA practically cancelled the project in late 2006.

2142 FTW!!! :D

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