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Tactically Advanced and Skilled Killsquad

T.A.S.K was founded by Phil Martinez and Joe Sammarco with the hopes of developing a close-knit group of gamers. Our top priority is to build a strong brotherhood with a powerful camaraderie between its' members. Our clans focus will be on First and Third Person shooter games (However, members are encouraged to play any style of game with one another when there are no Clan activities going on).
As the clan name suggests, we place a great emphasis on tactics and strategy. In your time with T.A.S.K., we will groom you into a skilled tactictian. Phil and Joe will constantly evaluate each game, map, and player and devise squads based on each members specialty. This will be done in order to optomize our clans chances of victory in every match. Eventually, we will have leaders for each specific squad to even more efficiently grade and evaluate our members. So please feel free to play naturally! We will find a spot for you in one of our many squads.
You will see that there are 10 stars worth of rankings you can fall into within our clan. Stars 1-4 are your basic entry level positions. From there you will be promoted into a specific squad based on your strengths and weaknesses as a player. As you may have already noticed, we highly encourage competition and ambition in this clan. The best way to move forward is just like a corporation in real life; Show the desire and capacity to do it. Volunteer to lead platoons, offer valuable feedback and strategy suggestions to your direct superiors, etc. Once you hit Star rank 4, you have a choice: You can either wait for us to notice your talents and abilities and then promote you as we see fit. -Or- you may feel free to challenge the lowest ranked 5 star officer in whichever squad you wish to join. You must do so at your own risk though! If you should win, you get the glory of being promoted at your own pace, however, if you lose you will be unable to issue any challenges again for 30 days (And a loss will hardly prove your worth in the eyes of the clan leaders, thus very likely ruining your chances at a promotion).

T.A.S.K. will provide players with a unique gameplay experience in these ways. We will always watch each others back and play with one another, however, we also wish to inspire the natural leaders of our group. We will groom all of our members into better players and into better leaders for those who wish to prove themselves.

See you on the Battlefield!!

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